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Retro Spielzeug-Flugzeuge
Aircraft Hangar
Flugzeug-Pilot Porträt
Motorblock Druckprüfung

AAA supports the Aviation Market in different areas. The main focus targets on their subsidiary ALPE ADRIA AVIATION ACADEMY which is well place between the impressive scenery of the Alps and the blue shiny Adriatic Sea.  Experience  the beautiful nature, European safe countries and our leading edge in Aviation Training... 


All our partners are EASA certified workshops and or CAMO listed maintenance companies and do have lot of experiance in different kind of aircraft type.  Our knowledge includes EFIS and Steam Gauges  instrumentation as well as  AVGAS and DIESEL engines.  We handle wood, sheet metal and glass fibre technology. 


With our motivated partners in Aviation we do guide Seller and Buyer through their very complex and time consuming buying/selling process. We guarantee utmost profit for both parties based on mutual benefit. Our focus and core competence targets on SEP/MEP/SET and historical  aircrafts.


We do offer Skill Tests and Prof-Check flights on SEP/MEP/SET (Piper, TBM & PC12).  Please contact us for further details

We are also publicly appoints and sworn Surveyor. Our core  competence includes without limitation aircraft accidents, flight school inspections, airfield inspections and all aircraft insurance topics (estimates...).


Why should an owner/operator consider an Hourly Cost Maintenance Program (HCMP) Answer: An HCMP has many different benefits depending on the owner/operators needs. In all cases an HCMP for the airframe and powerplant remains as one of the more savvy investments that helps plan for budget when confronting a major maintenance event. An HCMP evens out maintenance costs for routine, regular and preventative maintenance requirements that all owner/operators may have. There are various HCMPs to consider!

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